6727 West Main Street
Belleville, Illinois 62223
PH: (618) 398-2421
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Are alterations included in Don Rodger’s services?
Yes! We have two seamstresses that provide alterations on any purchase at Don Rodger’s Ltd.

What makes Don Rodger’s Ltd. unique from the competition?
Our men’s & women’s apparel lines are geared toward specialty shops. It is highly unlikely you will find our apparel in any department store. Our look is fun, unique, classic and timeless.

Are special orders available?
Our men’s department specializes in fitting the hard-to-fit man. Special orders are available in suits, sports coats and trousers (up to size 60.) We can do this because most of our men’s clothing and trousers are made in the U.S. A.

How long has Don Rodger’s Ltd.been in business?
We were incorporated in Illinois in 1976.

Does KMOX personality, Carol Daniel, really shop at Don Rodger’s Ltd?
Carol is a great customer, friend and spokesperson for Don Rodger’s Ltd. We have been associated with Carol and KMOX radio for over 12 years.

Who is your target customer?
Our customer is a fashion-oriented person who loves quality, service and selection.


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